Mohammed Abouelleil Rashed

Philosophy & Psychiatry



Madness, Identity, and RecognitionMohammed Abouelleil Rashed in conversation with Helen Spandler

The Philosopher


Visions and Voices: Prescribing in the Context of Schizophrenia and Other Psychotic Disorders

In Prescribing Together: A Relational Guide to Psychopharmacology, Warren Kinghorn and Abraham Nussbaum


Interview about my research with Dr Sophie Stammers

Imperfect Cognitions Blog


Ethics Forward: The Struggle for Recognition

Forward Radio, Louisville 106.5 FM



Invitations to Give Expert Evidence


Mental Health Act Review, Department of Health, UK

Provided evidence on cultural competence and bias in mental health practice


UK House of Commons Summit on Witchraft and Possession

Invited by Chuka Ummunna MP as an academic expert


Selected Invited Keynotes & Panels


Panel: Voicing Lived Experience as Scientific Knowledge

Royal Institute of Philosophy and Network for Philosophy and Psychiatry, Manchester


Madness and the Politics of Social Recognition

King's College London & Peter Sowerby Foundation


Madness and the Limits of Recognition

All Souls College, University of Oxford


Desiderata of a Theory of Understanding for the Mental Health Encounter

University of Quebec, Canada


Madness and Society: Pathways to Reconciliation

Royal College of Psychiatrists, London


Deconstructing the Distinction Between Religious Experience and Psychopathology

University of Leeds


From Civil Rights to the Politics of Recognition: Transformations in Mental Health Activism Since the 1970s

Science Museum, London


Societal Reconciliation with Mad Activism

Soteria Network, Brighton


The Relationship Between Anti-Psychiatry and Mental Health Activism

Freud Museum, London


Panelist for a Documentary Screening: Crazywise

Mind in Camden Hearing Voices Project


The Theme of 'Turbulence' in Philosophy and Psychiatry

Institute of Advanced Studies, University College London


Madness and the Limits of Recognition

University of East Anglia, UK


Unshared Beliefs: Culture, Delusion, and the Problem of Recognition

Department of Philosophy, University of Sydney, Australia


Mad Activism and Mental Health Practice

Mad in America


The Motivation for Recognition and the Problem of Ideology:

Can Psychoanalytic Therapy Help or does it Contribute to the Problem?

The Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis


Panelist on Talking Points Seminar:

The Artist-Researcher as Connector-Disrupter-Running Messenger? Kai Syng Tan

Institute of Advanced Studies, University College London


Mad Activism and the Demand for Recognition

Department of Medical Anthropology, University College London


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