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Madness and the Demand for Recognition: A Philosophical Inquiry into Identity and Mental Health Activism

Oxford University Press, 2019


Selection of Reviews & Mentions



Public Philosophy



The Philosopher, 2022



Magazines & Other Writing


Mental Disorder and the Boundaries of Illness

John Hopkins University Press Blog, 2022


Mad Pride and the End of Mental Illness

Oxford University Press Blog, 2019


Conflict in the Psychiatric Encounter

Institute of Advanced Studies Think Pieces, University College London 2020


Research Focus on 'Madness and the Demand for Recognition'

Birkbeck Annual Research Review, 2019



Journal Articles


An Approach to the Boundary Problem: Mental Health Activism and the Limits of Recognition

Philosophy, Psychiatry, and Psychology, 2021


The Identity of Psychiatry and the Challenge of Mad Activism: Rethinking the Clinical Encounter

Journal of Medicine and Philosophy, 2020


Mental disorder and Social Deviance

International Review of Psychiatry (with Awais Aftab), 2020


In Defence of Madness: The Problem of Disability

Journal of Medicine and Philosophy, 2019

Selected among Oxford University Press Best of 2018 philosophy articles

















More Things in Heaven and Earth: Spirit Possession, Mental Disorder and Intentionality

Journal of Medical Humanities, 2018


Debate: The Concept of Culture has Outlived its Usefulness for Psychiatry

BJPsych Bulletin (with N Poole, R Bingham, A Sanati, and CW van Staden), 2018


A Critical Perspective on Second-Order Empathy in Understanding Psychopathology: Phenomenology & Ethics

Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics, 2015


From Powerlessness to Control: Psychosis, Spirit Possession and Recovery in the Western Desert of Egypt

Health, Culture, and Society, 2015


Can Psychiatry Distinguish Social Deviance from Mental Disorder?

Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology (with R Bingham), 2014


Culture, Salience and Psychiatric Diagnosis: Exploring the Concept of Cultural Congruence and its Application

Philosophy, Ethics and Humanities in Medicine, 2013


Talking Past Each Other: Conceptual Confusion in ‘Culture’ and ‘Psychopathology’

South African Journal of Psychiatry, 2013


Psychiatric Judgements across Cultural Contexts: Relativist, Clinical-Ethnographic, and Universalist-Scientific Perspectives

Journal of Medicine  and Philosophy, 2013


The Egyptian Revolution: A Participant’s Account from Tahrir Square

Anthropology Today, 2011. This article was translated into Spanish:


Revolución en Egipto: Un Relato de su Génesis

Envio, 2011.


Religious Experience and Psychiatry: Analysis of the Conflict and Proposal for a Way Forward

Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology, 2010


Cross-Cultural Relevance of the Third Revolution in Psychiatry

Dialogues in Philosophy, Mental and Neuro-Sciences, 2010



Invited Commentary


The Power Threat Meaning Framework: Yet another master narrative?

Philosophy, psychiatry, and Psychology, 2023


Identity and Recognition: Abstract Concepts, Concrete Struggles

Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology, 2021


Asking the Right Questions on Psychosis and Intelligibility

Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology, 2021


The Critique of Psychiatry as We Enter the Third Decade of the 21st Century

BJPsych Bulletin, 2020


Beyond Dysfunction: Distress and the Distinction Between Deviance and Disorder

Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology (with R Bingham), 2014


Conflicting Values and Disparate Epistemologies: The Ethical Necessity of Engagement

Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology, 2010



Book Chapters


Dangerous Liaisons: Science, Tradition, and Qur'anic Healing in the Dakhla Oasis of Egypt (with W van Staden)

International Perspectives in Values-Based Practice

Eds. D Stoyanov et al., 2019


Public Mental Health Across Cultures: The Ethics of Primary Prevention of Depression, Focusing on the Dakhla Oasis of Egypt (with R Bingham)

Mental Health as Public Health: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Ethics of Prevention

Eds. K Cratsley and J Radden, Elsevier, 2019


Islamic Perspectives on Psychiatric Ethics

Oxford Handbook of Psychiatric Ethics.

Eds. J Sadler, B Fulford, CW van Staden. Oxford University Press, 2015.


Culture and Mental Health (with R du Plessis and CW van Staden)

Psychology: Themes and Variations. Ed. J Hassim. Cengage Publishing, 2015





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