Impact Case Study for REF 2021

I published an impact case study in the UK Research Excellence Framework 2021 (REF21) based on my research on the philosophy of mental health activism. The impact case study can be found here.


Impact Summary:


"Rashed’s expert evidence to the Independent Review of the Mental Health Act influenced its outcome by emphasising the importance of cultural competence and bias, creating remedies to the overrepresentation of BAME people detained under the Act. His research has influenced legal practice and guidance through 39 Essex Chambers, a barristers’ chambers specialising in health and welfare, which cited Rashed in its Mental Health Capacity Report.


Rashed influenced internal government guidance on mental health: Public Health England cited his research as among the most important recent studies on mental health and included his research in its Mental Health Current Awareness Update, signalling his work’s significance in effecting mental health treatment and approaches.


Mental health practitioners and their clients have benefited from Rashed’s workshops at the Royal College of Psychiatrists; senior practitioners reported benefits and have changed practice. The private practice Psychology Sussex has fully incorporated Rashed’s research into its CPD training, benefiting nearly twenty thousand clinical therapy sessions annually."


Mohammed Abouelleil Rashed

Philosophy & Psychiatry

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